Fiorella Arellano

Fifth Avenue Physiotherapy Team



Fiorella Arellano

Communications coordinator


Fiorella or Fio as she likes to be called is the communications coordinator here at Fifth Ave Physio. She takes care of all things related like patient experience feedback, client relations and most importantly she monitors the clinic’s online presence and visibility through the tracking and reporting of analytics and metrics.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love anything to do with food! Cooking old favourites or new finds, watching cooking videos and trying new restaurants with friends! I am fascinated by different culinary styles around the world. I have lately gotten into boxing! it’s an amazing sport that tests both my mental and physical capability.

How do you create a great patient experience?
Patient experience to me comes down to connecting one on one with everyone that I have the chance to meet. This makes our future interactions more personal and we create a connection, like a friend you catch up with and are excited to see. This helps me be better able to assist them.